Sunday, June 27, 2010

death from above 1975

spent another winter's day at home, discovered the mentions file on twitter, bless everyone's hearts i was mentioned so many times. Never have i felt so loved. That's a lie, my boyfriend does that job fairly well. Bought several Vogue hardback magazines online this morning, am saving more fashion ardor that hopefully i can get within the next week. My friend came back from travelling, bearing gifts which was lovely. especially when that gift is a dolce and gabbana handbag. I know, lucky little me. Spent approximately three hours watching interviews with Abbey Lee Kershaw this morning, and the girl never ceases to amaze me. It's no secret that she tongued Freha Beja Erichson for Terry richardson, who i hate with a burning bassion for what he does, yet i can't help but feel that she did it of her own free will and wasn't pressured at all? Such a laid back, casual openness to the tan beauty. Oh Australia and the heartbreakers it creates. Have four more days of this semester left before i go shopping an hopefully travel. Friday is my official money spending day; will no doubt buy anything and everything. Hope you all have the money to do the same. Arrividerci

Friday, June 25, 2010

When he walks in a room it’s like a light has been turned on.

so usually my excitement is brought into play by any thing from croched earpluggs to a new abbey lee editorial, but this time, my excitement is great. greater than great. Mario testino has long been one of my favourite photographers alongside Greg Kadel. Mario captured my mind/heart and soul with Mario De Janeiro Testino, his major publication, but his long awaited Mario Testino-Kate Moss book is almost available. Featuring exclusive essays written by Kate Moss herself, and a flowing conversation between the two, the book gives us an insight into the story of their beauitful friendship, all documented with private photos and footnotes written at the time.

Mario says “I met Kate very early on. Shortly after her first Galliano show I went backstage to congratulate her, only to find her crying: she was disappointed that she had only been given one outfit to model in the show. My answer to her was this: “In life there are perfumes and colognes. You need to use lots of cologne as the scent fades away; with a perfume you just use a drop and it lasts all night. You are a perfume, you will go on and on.” Little did I know just how true that would become! And that I had made a friend for life.”

“Mario took me to a new level of glamour. I don’t think anybody had seen me as any kind of sexy model before he did. He was the one that transformed me. Before him I was just a grungy girl, but he saw me differently. He was the first to say “Oh, she’s quite sexy. I’ve seen her out! I know she’s not just that grungy girl.” He’d seen me in a pair of heels, getting glamorous – and he was the first to start taking pictures of me in that way. He changed the way people thought about me as a model, for sure. Later other people started working with me in that way, but he was the first.” - kate

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have so much respect for Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfield for their work with the constant reinvention of the house of Chanel. I know that sounds like a somewhat cliche thing to say, but Coco really went against the odds, used clothing to boost women up in society, plus overtook Christian Dior after her short stint in hiding after the war etc. I have the next friday off school, so i might go and pick up the coco chanel film after i go thrifting for a while. Just for some inspiration that, for once, doesn't come from Rumi Neely's fashiontoast. Have been having a slightly obcessive romance with short and sheer recently, am head over heels for flimsy white cotton dresses, which are usually oversized slouch shirts, worn with detailed/ripped scarves and messy hair. I am aware that it is still fall, and that short and sheer are not generally the cleverest idea; but it's fashion ok and fashion doesn't have to make sense. So i am staying with short and sheer flimsy dresses that protect me from the cold roughly the same as a swimsuit would.
Anyway, j'adore you all kittens.
BULK CHANEL POST HERE> Chanel suspenders uhhhhhhh 10 i-am-so-jealous-right-now lane. send them to me kthanksbye

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the lover flew away to start fights instead of kisses

so i started writing about how ridiculously good winter is, because you know, teetering around the city in stilletto's and an amazingly thick trenchcoat burdened down with a trillion scarves is the only way to spend your days, plus sipping smoking hot latte's while snuggling up by the fire in your ugg boots while the rain patters gently outside is just so lovely and perfect.Sadly it was somewhere between then and now that i realised that the rain outside isn't actually all that light, and in around ten minutes i actually have to go out in the rain, plus then i started remembering all the pretty summer dresses in my closet going unworn... and i deleted what i wrote about winter, because screw the fall, summer is where it's at. I woke up this morning feeling dreadful because i didn't do my yoga last night and i actually wanted to throw up because of how shocking i felt, yet i dragged myself out of bed anyway and got ready for school, skipping my yoga and green tea today also. It rained fairly lightly all day and i spent most of the time reading an andy warhol book and studying for history, even though i had at least four other classes. I found a fur coat on ebay that i am splurging on, because i haven't bought anything fur in over two weeks so i am having withdrawal symptoms. Decided that it will go perfectly with my american apparel disco pants that finally arrived the other day, shinily winking up at me from the packaging. i wish these came in every colour, i would actually buy a pair of each. Am waiting and waiting for the rain to cease and for my assignments to complete themselves so i can go thrifting again, spend my ptiful life's savings on coats and simple sheer buttondowns which are actually becoming the focal point of my closet to the point where it's ridiculous. Does anybody happen to know somewhere i can get something similar to this outfit from the Rosemount Fashion Week romance was born collection shown here If you know anywhere, please help me in completing my runway lookalike section of my wardrobe, it will be appreciated. Arrividerci

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Aloha all, have finally risen from my slumber around 10 am- there wasn't a great deal of proper rem sleep last night, i think i was just hallucinating from lack of sleep and i mistook it for dreaming. Anyway, went out for dinner in the hills last night, had a fascinating conversation about religion, history and politics like the true intellect i am, before coming home to crash and watch breakfast at tiffany's while i nibble grapes and biscotti. Have been reviewing the Alexander Wang resort collection, plus obcessing over rodarte-esque tights/cardigans with their infamous slashings. In love with the Alex Wang resort 2010, Abbey does the brand a great service by modelling them with her deadpan beauty and coltish legs, personally i prefer his 2010 resort over 2011, I'm all for the socks and heels combination, but what exactly are the footwear? They're hardly what you can call heels, or even a mid-heel, not that mid heels will ever REALLY be sexy, no matter what shop magazine can try to tell you. (sorry shop magazine, i love you really- but a sexy mid heel? really?) plus worn with socks? This has taken the trend from burberry-like heaven with darling high-socks strapped by five inch stillettos to your uncle James unfortunate co-ordination of badly elasticated bed socks shoved in cheap sandals he bought in Bali. Sorry Alexander Wang, i am a happy follower of the deconstructed khaki skirts, leather shorts and barthrobe style trenchcoats, i really am. Just not the socks. Anyway, i am off to make myself a fruit smoothie before having nothing but water and lemon/ginger tea for the rest of the day. Perhaps i can get a little session on the trampoline into my schedule before i go out, i hope the rest of you do wonderful things that make you smile bigger than Liz Taylor on one of her many wedding days.
Au revoir.

Friday, June 18, 2010

death by lullabies

Bonjour world, allow me to drag you temporarily from the clutches of your mundane lives to brighten your days with some of the following things that have not only captured my heart, mind and soul, but will also never be in my possession as i am very poor, therefore intensifying the level of lust occuring within my heart right now. Before i infilitrate you with visual bliss, i have to express the craving i have to die my hair lavender blonde. I am aware that lavender blonde is a fairly consistent colour nowadays, bright highlights and dye dipped tips have now possibly been sported by each and every model worth watching, but rest assured, my desire to make the plunge wasn't instigated by the media pressure of runway walking lookalikes. The only problem, which isn't really a minor thing, is that my hair is somewhat dead. Ok, i'm actually lying, it's thoroughly ruined. However one of these days while i am gazing through Lula or such and such's blogspot who i am probably reading instead of doing homework, i will simply snap, and be dousing my locks in bleach before you can say OHMYWORDSTOPYOURHAIRWILLALLFALLOUTYOUIDIOT.
Anyway, have been keeping up with my new Goddess Journey, all eco friendliness and healthy living. Green/Peppermint/Peach and Berries of the Forrest tea's have been my regular, alongside my consistent yoga routines which actually (without sounding like a cliche late night television commercial) refreshes and renews your body. Gisele Bunchten lives a similar lifestyle, embracing the simple things in life, creating and arranging fresh and exotic salads with beautiful meals, listening to relaxing music and keeping a routine of regular yoga and pilates. Somewhat of an inspiration to me on this subject, i can't decide how far i want to go with 'renewing myself', but i can speak highly of the added health benefits of early morning yoga, cold showers with lime exfoliant and mixed fruit smoothies on a regular basis. Actually, when i finnish this post i am going to go and make myself a berry smoothie that i can enjoy while i read Vogue and listen to the runway music to Anna and Boy's coney island inspired swim wear collection they did for Rosemount Australian fashion week. In my floral bustier and black razor-attacked leggings, i assure you i am the picture of elegance.
Adios my friendly foxes, i hope you all die inside as much as i do with the pictures. Inspiration for the theme is a mixture of contemporary art, original elvis films, seventies liberation vibes and the co-ordination of my beloved pastels, ENJOY

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So in my widespread disgust for all things mainstream that could possibly link me to the rest of my supre-shopping, miley cyrus playing age group, mainstream music in my world, has been shunned. More of an indie rock/ plain rock fan anyway, artists such as taylor swift, lady gaga, fall out boy etc, do not get played in my house. Beyonce is part of this little collection also; so imagine my suprise when i stumbled upon a video clip (not a fan of the song fyi) which i actually approve of. No doubt due to my obcession with sixties/seventies playsuits and full skirt housewife dresses, this clip is something i would actually watch again. If you can't stand the music any more than i can, at least watch it with the sound down; the clip is fairly worth it. Ignore her attempt to be ridiculously sexy and focus on the dolce and gabbana lookalike bustier set Beyonce is wearing whilst rolling about on her bed moaning about something. Snazzy right?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

he was an artist. she was his muse.

Spent the day home again; school is becoming a far off distant memory at the moment, my head is filled with nothing but the frivolous luxuries you can find in shop windows. Have been flicking through some of my old shop magazines and am inspired once again by the greek islands and all their whitewashed loveliness. Sadly until i land the job of my dreams and am receiving abit more money so that i can fuel my cash-spending urges, then i'm afraid the closest i will actually get to the blissfully romantic islands are the cebo pictures on my living room wall. I went for a walk around 12 to the chinese newsagent a few blocks down, i arranged myself rather awkwardly on the floor and read Rush magazine for about 20 mins. I could have sat there for ages but i was avoiding the withering glare of the chinese man who owned the place, i guess he figured i wasn't going to actually buy the magazine. He rather unpolitely asked me to leave after a while as he was 'closing up'. Considering that it was roughly 12.30 and the newsagent shuts at five i think he was trying to tell me something. Anyway, during my short stint in Rush heaven i was thrilled to glaze over at the Bunny aint no kind of rider editorial which i had only seen on video before, so i was basically hyperventilating right there in the store. The Josh Goot, Rodarte and Willow dresses that Brazilian Ieva Laguna casually drapes around her goddess body weave such an enchanting spell throughout the entire editorial. The storyline follows an artist/muse relationship where Tony Ward (who also feautures in the ed) is spellbound by this glorious creature who is literally dripping with rainbow coloured paint as she floats around the garden. Post being thrown out the newsagent i text my brother asking him to pick me up a copy on the way home so that i can stare at the pictures for the rest of my life.
Thinking about the silent dreamy scenes between Tony and Ieva started me thinking about how i've been really inspired by alot of the more mysterious icons recently, Greta Garbo, Edie Sedwick and Twiggy etc, i wonder how it would be to be able to interview them now if they were still around. What with the iconic eye make-up, the everpresent air of mystery and their seeming fixation with death and times other than the present, it's all so intriguing to me. Amid my whiteboard marker salad recipes i have scrawled all over my mirror, i have tacked several pictures of twiggy and edie, who after all are very inspiring when it comes to make-up and such things, but each morning when i do my liquid eyeliner, i can't help but to think of their lives and what they thought when they did their make-up in the morning also. oh well, i'm just seventeen and mad. Au revoir.

Untitled from Russh on Vimeo.

drinking beer, eating salad and listening to music in her underwear

As we leave the glorious lazy summer days behind us and traipse more and more deeply into winters cold clasp, we of course embrace the one thing that can perhaps defrost our minds, if not the rest of our well groomed bodies. Winter fashion. As darling as thigh skimming cotton dresses worn with wrap around Jimmy Choo's can be on a charming 36 degree day out, there isn't much that can beat the smug contentment of being dressed head to toe in an assortment of coats, scarves, fur trim, leather and a fairly consistent amount of black. As with most things, models (with their amazing fashion resources available to them) are able to demonstrate exactly how chic the winter look can be. Oh to be 6 foot tall with svelte tanned limbs that seem to go on forever.

my favourite inspiration by personal style would be abbey Lee kershaw, my love for her is hardly a secret but i do have good reason. Mostly known for her unsophisticated personality and her obvious Australian laid back attitude, Abbey is eye catchy in the sense that she has an individual style that differs so greatly from the rest of the black wet-look leather clad models strutting around NY. Often critiqued for her seemingly too-thin frame and her penchant for childish prints that clash or are deemed somewhat blah by various stylists around the globe; i still think that due to her ridiculously perfect body, she carries off such a vast mixture of colours and prints together so well. Without her height none of these looks would be achievable; Abbey would simply look like a twelve year old playing dress ups in her mother's lily puliter closet from the seventies.

Unlike most models, abbey wears alot of lace. On it's own, lace is charming and demure, but known for her jungle layering look, abbey twists the lace into a more grunge appeal look by her pairing with distressed denim, printed scarves, leather boots, ankle sweeping cardigans and her ever present lacy bra that is generally seen peeking out from underneath her jumble of clothing. Whether Abbey is sporting a blue and red coat with green leggings and a fur scarf, there is always an element of extreme colour clashing, which adds to the interest of her dress style. Never clashing more than three colours of prints however, the look is always brought home by a heavy base colour weaved somewhere into her outfit. Due to her tiny frame, clothes hang loosely rather than pulled tight, Abbey is literally every designers dream, the living doll to which fabrics can be draped, wrapped or strung. If attempting to work abbey's signature style, remember to prefer loose clothing over more form fitting pieces and keep colour/print clashing at a minimum.

What about you guys, do you think Abbey's style is snazzy and exquisite or trying too hard to be original?


Monday, June 14, 2010


oh american beauty; long limbs and her jaded enticing surfer girl allure; the sky seems to literally open and shine a dazzling light down upon her bare skin. Erin Heatherton is wearing beach ready pieces by Prada, Luis Vuitton and Gucci, and with her fierce attitude and sexy defiance, she carries them all off perfectly. As inconvenient as it seems, i love the beach layering look; the winding ties and cropped jackets covering cotton off-shouder cover ups that rest breezily over tie up one pieces or mesh bikini's. Erin's last editorial for L’Officiel Paris portrayed Erin as a two toned outback girl; the sexy cowgirl with her everpresent fierceness and the softer side, the pretty ranch girl playing house while the men are out working. The perfect combination of country seduction and city poise. photographed by Patric Shaw (cowboy shoot) and Rennio Maifredi (surfer shoot) the long legged American dazzler puts the rest of us to shame whether she is walking barefoot along the beach front or simply setting the table in her country house. America truly has it all.
going to go and cheer myself up from all this perfection with green tea and mandarins.
Au revoir

Sunday, June 13, 2010

well i ended up painting my nails pastel purple; to match the new beret i bought this afternoon.  This morning i woke up to the strains of enya playing on repeat from my hi-fi system that i'd accidentally fallen asleep with. Taking my yoga pratctices a step further i went outside this morning and tried a few more stretches other than the sun salute and other popular easy ones. I bought some peppermint tea from the deli, so i added a little twist to my morning dreamy state between seven and seven thirty while i flip through an issue of imagine or rush. Around 12 i went to Garden City and spent a few hours wandering through the myer basement and various stores containing designer items. I discovered an entire new section of stocking pins, including a selection of burlesque -taylor momsen/eighties pin-up girls lace stockings. In the end i bought a sleeveless fur knit cardigan, lavendar nail polish, black gold studded cotton top, lilav beret, some things for my best friend and i, plus an exfoliating set. I discovered a darling little melbourne-based store called blue illusion, which is actually aimed at women 30+, however the parisian themed store was decorated with audrey hepburn pin up girl books/vogue covers, eiffel tower statues and trave diaries seemingly made from the 1800's. Wasn't able to stop myself from coming home and watching Breakfast at tiffany's. Audrey hepburn will always be the most iconic of icons. I had a chicken and salad kebab from pure and natural and bought a bag brimming with fruits and mandarins for the week ahead. i love making fruit salad almost as much as i love mermaids and parisian fashion. I hope all of you had an enchanting weekend. Adios.

Friday, June 11, 2010


THIS AMAZING GIRL has offically created the local version of stockholm street style. From personalised pictures, to off duty models, this site is a virtual lookbook of the casual about-town style that the unknown fashionista's of the world are rocking. Plus, many pictures are Europeans during the winter season, so added bonuses for all the fur on display. Plus, anyone who posts pictures of Frida already has my support before i've even looked any further.
On a different not, i'm still stuck at home with my green tea, midsummer nights dream music and my box of rapidly dissapearing kleenex. Am going to paint my nails a yellow colour i think, shall post pictures when i decide. Will no doubt be tempted by my rick owen's wet-look black polish that i always seem to end up wearing, no matter which colour i originally set out to use. What colours are best for winter do you think? Tallyho.