Thursday, April 29, 2010

do you see the world through troubled eyes?

well well well, seems that little dakota pressed fast forward on the growing up button. kudos to her for her performance in the Runaways, her image is perfect. a little bowie, a little bardot, the little look on her face that says she could smash the hell out of a truck driver. laced up in corsets screaming rock and roll in front of millions, this isn't little d anymore.


took the day off to study, spent most of my time looking at pictures from Coachella, writing my new book and trying to buy mj soccer heels online. My formspring is overflowing with angsty teenage girls going all out at me, guess i have abit of a bad reputation. Girls are overrated. Actually scratch that, being a girl is the best thing i could imagine. Playing around with make-up, dressing up in 100 different outfits, taking pictures, spinning in the rain, painting our nails until they shine, spending all night talking about the moment Shane west realises he's in love with you, reading magazines until your vision blurs, reading tarot cards under the blankets with candles and teetering across town in heels higher than you can count. The fashion. Oh My Word, THE FASHION. what else is there to live for?
going to go dress up in tulle and red lipstick while i watch gossip girl and cry when chuck says i love you. because i am a girl. because i can.


hate spiders, i really do. But have a slight obcession with the concept of tangled webs. reminds me of lies, networks and friendship circles. i love the idea of it being spun into fashion. the webbed shawl looks like slightly ghastly material, but the dress is a good cut for the web pattern.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i know this is last year's collection, but as i'm choosing my winter wardrobe and turning my closet into a fashion jungle, i can't help but revert back to these pieces everytime. this is probably one of my favourite chanel collections of all time.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tsumori Chisato S/S 2010.

The model directly in the middle here has basically taken a slice of heaven down from the sky and spun it into an outfit. the whole thing is divine, especially the shoes. Tsumori Chisato has an amazing skill for choosing the right prints to to create a theme.
Perfection; Do not pout in photo's, keep hair trimmed, coloured and glossed at all times, make good grades, never eat processed food, make-up must be flawless, listen to your ipod at a medium volume, do yoga daily to tone and burn weight, be thin, nails must never be chipped, do not curse, wear classy clothes that are simultaneously sexy, rarely wear flat shoes, get a minimun of 8 hours sleep nightly, drink two litres of iced water every day, keep a flawless tan, do not allow other people to walk over you, know designers by their clothes, keep good company, eat fruit for breakfast, drink champagne on weekends, do not cry in public, spend holidays on vacation, always iron your clothes, wax legs regularly, exfoliate daily, keep ladylike posture, wear oversize handbags, admire icons such as grace kelly and audrey hepburn, do not sleep around, recycle correctly, don't listen to rap or screamo, keep your room tidy, always have your homework done, never be late, smile if necessary, keep perfect relationships with your friends, be irressistable. always be polished and colour co-ordinate. go for a walk/run every morning and drink two teaspoons of vinegar before eating a meal. be kind, be intelligent about the world, use common sense, nourish your body, do not be immature, avoid confrontations, shower twice a day and use frangranted soap, wear tasteful jewellry, travel often. 
                                                      Ive got the 21'st century breathing down my neck
oh and for those who've let school work distract them from the glamour of the fashion world, lace is back. Australian Runway model Abbey Lee Kershaw shows everyone to mix modest with sexy. Of course no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to carry off the flimsy fabric with half as much style as Abbey, but then again, who can?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

well i'm striving for perfection, minus calories and glossed over hair that spills neatly over my shoulders. I need new clothes, to be as polished as the women i see leering at me from every page of vogue, getting into my head and creating a ridiculous comparison between them and myself. Designer clothes and effortless chic, something to replace the mish mash of peace and identity bracelets tangled around my wrists. i'm writing a book, abbey in the tempest. It's about good and evil, and good doesn't win. I want everything i see to be beautiful, i want everybody to eat exsquisite meals from shiny plates while they discuss fashion and politics in beautiful houses while they wear beautiful clothes. i want plastic, i want beauty, i want perfection.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

so i'm back into my rythm, studying, excercising, analysing vogue, fruit, evian, breathing, blogging, wishing for things that my weekly forty dollars just wont cut. Have sneakily just given most of my dinner to the cat after seeing thinnest girl in the world when out on my walk. can't actually bring myself to eat after that. missing my best friend and desperately wanting a black chanel chain bag. it was even in my dream, with karl lagerfield telling me that the secret to being stylish was in my tea leaves. Making lists has always been a habit of mine, am now upgrading to a palm pilot, a personal electronic diary which makes me happy in this year of utter schooling hell. i hope everyone enjoys this picture because A) the bag. and B) it's hard to look this put together in a casual street dress.
about to go scour the fridge for oranges so i can douse myself in vitamin C.


the prints look so good next to the black. Currently planning my entire wardrobe around this collection.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

cool kids can't die

Leather, evian water, garter belts, the plasticines, summer, thigh high boots, black nail polish, nikon camera's, Gossip Girl season three, Gina Lollobrigida, Europe, Peach iced tea, Vogue magazine, crossing my ankles, seashell anklets, finnishing high school, japanese rooftops, taylor momsen, wine glasses, cycling, travelling, fish eye camera lenses, cobbled streets, spinning and marc jacob soccer shoes.

NO. magazine.

Tallulah Morton. Nobody else carries off such quirky clothing with such ease and such style. looking like she was personally made for the clothes, here she is.

Giedre Dukauskaite by John Lindquist | Vogue Turkey March 2010

Oh Tulle, lots of it. tulle, island prints and fabric flowers. Europeans have style, if nothing else.

Giedre Dukaukaite wears designs from Viktor & Rolf, D&G, Versace and others in the tantalizing studio shoot.


i only started collecting Vogue last year and i am currently trying to back order copies from a while back, it's a tad harder than you would think. I've been watching old italian films and being inspired by cats eye eyeliner and empire waist summer dresses. i was up until 2 am this morning designing a dress, attempting to make a pattern so i can make it on my sewing machine. It's a mixture of lace and leather, a fitted lace top with a gathered leather hoop skirt, joined at the middle. it's lovely, in my mind anyway. I'm broke, as always, and i'm desperate for some more money so i can buy these stiletto's i saw in Tony Bianco near Harbourtown with six inch heels and black wraparounds. I have to make some kind of dinner tonight, but it's too hot to do anything other than sit here and dream about italy and bobby darin.
i really should repaint my nails and give my kitty his dinner. Perhaps feed myself at the same time.
arrividerci bella's.



not sure how they've done it, but the lace and neutral colours somehow combine to make the perfect Australian s/s look

The garter belt combined with the lace skirt sends me straight to designer heaven. The contrast of leather and lace here is stylish and sexy all at once. please someone sign me up for spring/summer collections all year round.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bregje Heinen for Spring/Summer 2010

okay, so i know i have a small penchant for posting Bregje Heinen, but bear with me. Her look is so versatile, and her dramatic cheekbones and heartstopping eyes just bring the clothes to life. I couldn't resist posting her work for the spring/summer collections 2010, forgive me.

IMAGE A; Donna Karen IMAGE B;Emily Puccio IMAGE C;Gucci

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ohne Titel 2010

ah geometrical fashion i love you.
The leather just compliments the oaky hues perfectly and the socks sock socks are instant style.
not too sure about the low slung belt, but it accentuates the height i guess.
would love to see imogen morris clarke or Abbey Lee model these.

burberry porsum spring/summer 2010.

The frock/trench/bubble hem skirt thing happening here is a little indescribable, but love it. adore the simple accessorising and socks/heels combination. simple, elegant and seamlessly chic.

I'm so envious of the ease of which they carry off the neutral colour palette. Despite negative reviews, the whole collection just looks so glamorous in a polished yet easy way. i love the consistent use of staple colours, they're the type of shades that anyone can pull off.


Sarah Stevens and Bregje Heinen  carry it off the best.

Robbie Fimmano - Photographer

Sarah Stephens - Model

Bregje Heinen - Model

Andressa Fontana - Model

Hannah Holman - Model

R'el Dade - Model

Sofie Oosterwaal - Model

Vanessa Chow - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Itsuki - Makeup Artist

Andre Gunn - Hair Stylist

Michelle Lee for KCD - Casting Director


Well known for taking good girl images and dirtying them up abit, Hugh Lippe shoots Ginta Lapina going through a typical Hugh Lippe transformation, shirking her modest cover ups for revealing lingerie and sky high stilletto's. Her starlet like blonde beauty slips easily into the role of the seductive vixon in this steamy spread, and the editorial completely kills.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sometimes I come crashing down inside myself

without anyone noticing. I'm like an ambulance

on two legs, hauling the patient

inside me to last aid

with the wailing cry of a siren

and people think it's ordinary speech.

Yehuda Amichai


. I love Brejge in this, the flawless make up and neon colours scream effortless chic. i heart.
Matt Irwin - Photographer
Bregje Heinen - Model
Aurora Sansone - Fashion Editor/Stylist
Shon - Hair Stylist
Hiromi Ueda - Makeup Artist

whoever said that the most important part of your outfit is your smile didn't know anything about fashion. Everybody knows it's your shoes that make the statement. Alexander Mcqueen stole my heart when he created Mcqueen heels, but i still would happily sell everything i own for any of the following.

Each pair worth more than my house, but you know, whatever.


thigh high black boots, ballet leg warmers in rose, napoleon perdis colour discs (fuschia), burberry trenchcoat, American Apparel disco leggings, French Vogue, Miss Dior Cherie, Moroccan oil, Valentine's fish eye camera, black lace dress from Arizona, Yves Saint Laurent red lipstick, mexican fringe dress from Bardot, tickets to france, Brittish Vogue, illuminator, Alexander Mcqueen heels, iced tea, Elvis and Annabelle.


Shelly Mulshine for Radar magazine, American Apparel and H and M.
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