Monday, May 31, 2010


It's about the girls I went to school with, really," said Jonathan Saunders, glancing at the dippy little layered dresses in grunge-era-inspired checks he'd designed for Pollini. "I just love that attitude of girls being able to throw stuff on, and look good as they are."
                        Because if you can inject plaid into high fashion, you can do anything can't you?

Just Cavalli on the Parisian Runway

 Just Cavalli has held my interest now for an entire 20 minutes, although not a big fan of tacky sequins and embracing the little girl look with such neutral pink shades, i like the layering and use of underwear as outerwear, especially with the fur trimmed pink brassier to the left.

chanel SS 2010

Iconic as Chanel is due to their effortless chic and their flawless classiness, this collection still struck me with how pure the materials are, the air of innocence and class even though the clothes have overtly sexy base tones. I love the theme, its like Marie Antoinette playing milkmaids at the Hamlet in Versailles. i love the pastel tones, the faux rustic fabrics, peasantly lace and ruffles, its enough to make any girl want to drink milk and breathe fresh country air while wearing lace slips and messy heidi plaits. First dress is my favourite, i love the fact that these dresses are actually designed to be worn straight off the runway, the looks are just so bubbly and fresh. The signature Chanel chain tattoo's that most of the models sport are defenitely on my wishlist, perhaps around my wrist rather than my thigh though.

silhouettes of summer 2010- HIGH FASHION

SUMMER 2010 is all about flouncing, ruching, draping, lingerie and lots of white. The military look also cuts a disciplined figure, along with out-in-the-country influences and tribal moods. In all the collections for SS 10 there's such a sense of electicism in the styles, ranging from the classically classic to the suprememly experimental. From sportiness to romanticism. The palette of light hues and rich malanges are a great idea for injecting some optimism back into the wardrobes of those perhaps affected by the misery of the financial crisis we are partakers in. On the menu is a variety of things from short and sheer to fantasy prints with flimsy lace capes that elongate limbs and give the impression of thin, which is after all, every girl's dream. Last but not least comes possibly the most welcome news of all, light is on the up and up,with the use of incredibly ethereal fabrics and techniques which give the collections a decided lift.
oh fashion and the hearts it breaks.And mends.
somebody please explain to me why i wasn't in Paris for fashion week, sitting front row with my camera. i would have appreciated it more than every single person there, no doubt about it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


although its a long shot from high fashion, there are those of us who have to survive on elizabeth arden and tony bianco instead of chanel and manolos. of course we can always sashay around in six inch heels while we drink sancerre or perrier, perhaps throw a fake mink over our shoulders or slide our petty cash into a knock off designer wallet. However no matter what you can fool people into thinking, youre not a rich girl, and that may never change. But there is a lower end of living which is just as rewarding, and just as fashion orientated. Cobrasnake's Mark Hunter may be notorious for party photographing, but as you might have noticed, the girls he's photographing? yeah they're pretty snazzy with their styling. Of course nothing beats chanel and pina colatas, but we might as well embrace our youth and love of the vivid party scenes while we still can, and indulge in the more affordable, possibly even more rewarding fashion scene that is the cobrasnake party world.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Got in late last night after going out for coffee with friends, it rained all day yesterday, but it made the city lights look exquisite through the haziness of it all, so it was lovely. The drive home was terrifying though, the amount of people literally tearing down slippery roads was enough to give me nightmares. Today i'm going to mandurah for the day before going out for dinner and then finally coming home so i can study for my exam i have tomorrow. leaving you with this picture from Australian Fashion Week, i can't get enough of pale palettes with the tiniest hint of camel. hasta la vista.

Friday, May 21, 2010

cant stay at home;cant stay in school

i cant say i'm the biggest supporter of Emma cook's spring/summer collection for 2010, but these dress/body suits from their past season have got my full attention, in a super good way. Would love to see chloe sevigny pull off the white lace suit in the first picture, she would completely kill the models here. Isn''t on my wishlist at this particular moment, but had to show you because the detailing is just so amazing.

for early morning coffee runs

well winter is well and truly here, sob, so flimsy skater dresses and sheer blouses have been pushed to the back of our closets, to be replaced by thigh high ballet socks and oversized knit dresses that we haven't quite had the courage to wear yet. However, although you actually can pull off knitwear with ease, confidence can be doubled with the perfect trenchcoat to cinch the winter look. Personally i have a slight penchant for fur, whether its basically an animal around my shoulders, or simply a lining, fur (fake, of course) is simply my favourite thing to pair with tights and manolos or even leather trousers and maryjanes. However, although the cold is not particularly comforting, the last thing one wants to do is drown themself in a thick furry coat, which is where the lightweight trench comes in. My new obcession, and number three on my wishlist, Burberry has inspired my new love and appreciation for a simple beige, belted mini trench, best worn with the sleeves rolled up. Although beige is defenitely a staple in the winter months, a lilac or a creamy white with camel buttons is the undoubtably the best way to be cool while staying warm.


whether it be facebook, formspring, tumblr etc, i am, without fail, constantly flooded with questions about who and what, inspires me. My answers are fairly traditional, Audrey Kictching, Rumi Neely, Margherita Missioni, Hannabeth, Chloe Sevigny, Myf Sheppard etc. However, the one person that i truly believe will forever be the most fashionable woman, is the one and only Kate Moss.  She kind of took a fall during her miserable phase attatched at the hip to Pete Doherty, but hey, everyone hooks up with losers at one point in their life right? Her style on the other hand, has no flaws. The only person who can make me want to grab a razor and shred everything i own to pieces, Moss has inspired closet after closet worldwide. And here my friends, is why.      

With her waifish figure, and heroin chic style, there's something so intriguing about Kate Moss, that i honestly can't get enough of. All the media affair over her possible eating disorders and drug abuse only seem to add to her intoxicating, reckless , beautiful-disaster appeal. With an exotic array of perfumes and clothing lines under her belt, i am supremely jealous of her daughter, who, when she grows up, is going to be the envy of every girl/woman who knows anything about fashion.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

spent the greater part of my week discussing Romance was born's new collection with possibly the one fashion knowledgeable person that i attend college with. Can't get enough of their radical creations. would love to pair the headresses and shift tulle dresses with Alexander Mcqueen kill heels. Would possibly be the most fantastic fabric creation ever, wish i could have seen the show.

here kitty kitty

Celine Spring/Summer 2010. have been searching online for a leather shift dress for a while now, inspired by the one and only celine collection pictured above. my beloved kitty was put down today and amidst my tears and unhappiness, i have been trying to mend my heart through material items to distract myself. The sleeveless trench has been undecided in my mind ever since 2008, but i think i'm giving this one the thumbs up, the whole ensemble looks divine.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


came home pretty much straight away from school today; could not bear the thought of being stuck in math and english all day without even vogue or anything to keep it interesting. Plus my spine has been giving my grief recently, no doubt the height of my current footwear choice has something to do with that. Am so excited to post the new Romance Was Born collection, i have never been so in love with something straight off the catwalk. Wanted to post this picture just so that people can see why the socks/heels combo is actually so divine, i don't understand girls that aren't a fan of the burberry inspired trend. Have been living on the Harpers bazaar Australia website, i love the snaps they have of Australian Fashion week, would have given up my soul to attend, but, you know.
found the snazziest coat from topshop on ebay this morning, can't decide whether or not to take the plunge.
i probably will.

Monday, May 17, 2010

i love you, but ill always choose fashion first.

Julian Louie brought the spring laid-back silhouttes for fall. i know the mini dresses are a tad impractical for the cold, but who actually chooses comfort over style these days anyway? I love the feminine theme presented throughout this entire collection, nothing sets the little girl grows up scene better than flimsy fabrics, skater skirts and pretty pastels. I love the fact that the pieces are so versatile, some can be statement, and others are perfect for layering and draping. Have currently got the picture gallery from this collection collaged on my wall.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love techno

Shelley Mulshine. I know my obcession with her seemingly perfection is probably unhealthy, but look at her. She has this ridiculously efffortless style and inspires me so much; plus i love the fact that her boyfriend takes most of her pictures. there's something so enchanting about candid pictures taken by ones lover.

Friday, May 7, 2010


lipstick has always held a certain fascination for me. The millions of small shiny sticks that no make-up set is complete without, lipstick can make or break the most polished of outfits. Not unlike a child in front of her mother's vanity desk, i often play with different colours and shades for long periods of time, mixing and matching until i look like an overdressed geisha. My favourite look for braving the winter weather has always revolved around wearing alot of black knitwear, so it's no suprise that red lipstick is as necessary to have in my bag as say, my phone. Usually i keep to a deep red, or the occasional plum, but as i begin to enter my seventeenth winter, i think i might take a walk on the wild side and try a fuschia, or perhaps even a pomegranate orange. wish me luck.
la vista


but it was just how you looked in the light.
i can't get enough of thigh high boots/socks. It's like an obcession. 


time to step up to the plate i guess. Spent most of the time i wasn't studying this week making my new ballerina dress. I bought so much tulle, my friend and i went out for coffee and then started our quest for tulle, leather and tiny japanese plastic fruits. My friend who happens to be an artist, was inspired by a story i wrote her and then she suprised me on my doorstep with this notepad brimming with sketches for all these fantastic designs. So we're kind of in the swing of things; i made a pair of ballet socks covered in sequins and spangled buttons that some people have emailed me about after i mentioned them on my twitter, so i'm super excited for everything happening right now. The weekend is finally here, full house tomorrow night, but shall be working on my ballerina dress as much as i can. So many beautiful collections lately, i'm inspired by everything. Hope every one of you has a fantastic weekend full of something snazzy other than glitter and fabric :)

So many amazing pieces around lately, i can't get enough of dyed furs, ripped acid wash jeans, mini trench coats in dynamic colours, Wedge buckled maryjanes etc etc. I love layering, something i really need to practice more. Here is one editorial i am obcessed with; they capture the sophisticated-yet-edgy layering look perfectly. Sigh, i love black.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010




Died fur, tassels and fringe, the whole enemble is cowgirl gone showgirl Godess. Bought a fur jacket last weekend, a mink rose colour that kills with denim, this ed inspires me to want to wear it right this second. They are the best shoots i think, the ones that make you want to wear the clothes and do something exciting right that second. Plus, could Bambi be any better suited for this?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

get down ladies, you've got nothing to lose.

yesterday morning i went out for breakfast with my mom, we went flower shopping and got a tad distracted so i ended up buying three trenchcoats and a pink fur jacket, which i'm super thrilled to have for winter. I went out last night, even though i have so much study to do, which wasn't necessarily the cleverest moment of my life, but i suppose i shall have to keep studying today instead. Putting my resume in some of the boutiques down the road, i figure that talking about a trip to tokyo is great and all, but money probably would make it a little more realistic. Haven't yet found my perfect pair of american apparel disco pants, so am trying to track them down this week, as a treat for myself for strudying so hard this year. Last night not included. My boyfriend's birthday is next weekend, on mother's day, so it's a double event for both of us, as well as my exams coming up the following week. My life, although interesting, is hell. Yoga, i am discovering, helps.
I hope every single one of you spends all your money on clothes this week. so i don't feel as bad.