Friday, September 17, 2010

oh i suppose

went out for a bit with my friend trish, ljfdlsfjdsjfls need to buy the new sophia kinsella pronto! I shall have you know that the second photo is a joke/not serious/a joke.
boyfriend coming to stay in two days! so beyond the valley of happy city right now.
au revioir

Sunday, September 12, 2010

you probably don't even know my middle name, but it's ok considering i don't even know your first one.

summer is approaching, my word, what isn't looming near right now? My exam finals begin in four days, my boyfriend is flying out to go on holidays with me next week, plus i am all but finished school for the rest of my life within a matter of weeks! with a summer filled with lazy beach dances and a lot of teenage rebellion to get out of my system before officially becoming jfhdoiafhid RESPONSIBLE, you know, GROWN UP, i plan to make the most of my fleeing youth. Coming from someone who's wardrobe consists of fur, fur and more fur, dressing for summer is defenitely difficult. However, i intend to splash out on 49075969058695896859 cotton dresses and make the focal point of my summer style my nails. This statement, of course, is ridiculous, as i spend roughly 75% of my days agonizing over clothing and styles, yet all this talk of summer has temporarily slid me into the summer mood, and i feel far too lazy to even consider anything but starfish and watermelon juice right now. Going to go dig out my summer playlist now, au revoir! xx

Saturday, August 21, 2010

i could really use a wish right now

have finally dragged myself away from watching the gossip girl season four promo video (it's only about a minute long, but i've watched it for a couple of hours eek) and am trying to get myself to think straight. Went out last night for my brothers birthday, had dinner with friends and ended up playing a game of darkone, which is like lazer tag in a pitch black warehouse. it's trippy really, as soon as my eyes adjust to the inky blackness, i'm just about given a heart attack from a random dousing of strobe lights. The darkzone thing was kind of a last minute decision so i was on heels for the 20 minutes or so that we were scrambling round in darkness, which, let me assure you is no easy feat.
have been keeping up with my pilates recently, i've found that combining toning excercises with fruit smoothies and late night jogs is a recipe for feeling fresher, happier and 5454074398943 times more productive than if i just chill at home reading vogue and watching the oc.
went to see the waiting city with a friend of mine who is a media uni student, so she knew the producer, anyway the film was intense. i'm not usually a fan of foreign films, especially ones in india or south east asia as i find them too confronting for just relaxing with a film, but i loved the waiting city. isabel lucas is possibly one of the most underrated actors and models to walk this earth. Her beauty isn't just breathtaking, it's actually ispiring. well at least it was in the film. She has such a natural, God given beauty that nobody could really ever compete with.
being rather pale and roughly half the towering beauty's height, i have since gone on a bronzing rampage, buying several summer indulgence bronzing products to try and bring back a tiny bit of confidence after seeing her stunning debut in the waiting city, alas, we are not all made with perfect bone structure, startling eyes and skin the colour of light mocha, yet luckily for isabel, she is one of the chosen ones. thankfully, she carries it off well.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

hit me. just once i want to feel something.

originally went out tonight for sushi and to see the much obcessed about inception, but as generally happens when i desire to do something, something interfered with our plan. The theatre for inception filled up roughly five people before we reached the ticket stand, so instead we had japanese in this quaint little shop where there was a sushi train snaking amid everyone who was seated comfortably around the conveyer belt. After sushi and iced tea we ended up going shopping for nibblies at the iga before coming back for chai lattes in a coffee club booth. after mocking the standard dress of every teenage girl strutting past in tattered leggings and their tacky supre leather jackets, we decided to be rebellious and daring as it was indeed saturday night, which is how we ended up coming back to my house to watch gossip girl and the oc. GOOD TIMES.
Am currently flipping through the most recent vogue and adding roughly 3957935 more pages to my wish list in the back of my steadily growing organiser. There are no words for how desperately i wish i could hold the above leather alexander wang shorts which rumi neely luckily snapped up i see. i am literally at a loss when it comes to describing how badly and desperately i want them for my very own. Sadly my desire is quickly turning into obcession and i think it's time for me to go to bed with it being 1 am and all. Hope your saturday night was ridiculously snazzy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010



i may lack depth, but i have shiny hair.

there is a famine of beauty.
bought the september issue of Vogue today, and uh, can i say that i'm dissapointed?
i was expecting an onslaught of glamour and 500 pages, when all i got was a few pastel coloured outfits lacking in lustre and imagination. Of course Vogue is still Vogue and was defenitely worth every cent, however i guess i just expected more with it being the september issue and all.
it deserves a whole post on it's own, so i shall discuss it later, but my word, Anna Wintour is untouchable.That woman needs a monument in her place for her work. Plus bringing back fur. (ESPECIALLY BRINGING BACK FUR).
i went shopping today, basically bought some new makeup and this super nifty nail polish which literally blinds you to look at ( in other words i had to buy it straight away because uh, there are a few people who i would actually really like to blind) and i will now be sporting the glassy shell pink of my fingertips 24/7  thanks.
bought 39574052 lipsmackers, simply to return to those fond childhood memories of lining all my little strawberry smackers up on my dresser, my only knowledge of make-up.
au revoir
PS> in case my theme isn't obvious, i'm very taken with the idea of prettiness recently. hard to achieve in a schoo uniform, but for all of you who aren't restricted by school policies embrace the feminine look! it's flattering, i promise.

Saturday, July 24, 2010



Sunday, July 18, 2010


i went to rockingham today for lunch and to look at some accomodation for an upcoming holiday, so while i was there i had a look around a few of the high fashion stores. I myself was fairly presentable i thought, in cheap monday skinny legs, knee high boots and a black suede and fur coat, while the store girls behind the counter had clearly made the effort and were dressed in ripped adidas trackies and tacky supre i <3 nerds/boys/aussie etc hoodies while they shared a packet of twizzlers- WHICH THEY ATE WITH THEIR MOUTHS OPEN>>>
perhaps i should remind you that this was a more up-market store (without naming names) and the workers were wearing clothes that i would possibly don in a weak moment when i was sick and stuck in bed watching oc reruns and eating mac and cheese from the super.

It pains me enough to live in Australia, not for lack of decent scenery/beaches/people etc, but because of the ridiculously laid back vibe that people live in basically 24/7. Besides the general vicinity of northbridge nightclubs where it's hard to find anyone fully clothed among 18748433584787485 sluts in little black dresses, it's rare and far between where i see somebody making an effort with their appearance as far as fashion goes. I'm not referring to slapping on a bit of cake face every day and investing in the tightest jeans you can find- i'm talking about looking after your clothes, investing in timeless pieces, colour co-ordinating and showing that you care about not looking like a slob. I long for the days where women weren't so uptight about feminism and embraced feminity and dressing up to look good for not only themselves, but for everyone else who has to see them when they are out and about.
As a child i admired the women who made an effort with their appearance. Who took their job seriously and wore sharp, flattering business clothes (or whatever the case may have been) and who made a point of looking well groomed. Nowadays the typical working girl snatches a few work shirts from supre hangers and that apparently makes the cut.
i am aware that many women struggle to hold down a working job while simultaneously playing the enthusiastic soccer mom to the kids plus keeping the husband happy and the household running. A well groomed appearance can easily fall to the back of their minds and they add themselves to their to-do lists. However studies show that a well dressed woman is a confident woman. Confident women are generally happy women with a clear mind and a firmer grip on their lives. So the next time you're taking your kids to dinner, or going late night shopping- please push anything with the word nike/adidas/billabong/supre etc written on it, to the back of your wardrobe. Make the effort, you will feel better about yourself and so will others.

Monday, July 12, 2010


if we sink any further into winter we will be at one with the eskimo's, i kid you not.  The rain has slowly transformed from a sweet patter into a raging torrent which continues basically 24/7. I left the house for roughly 25 minutes today to buy another season of the OC, because what else is more appealing than reminiscing the summers of 2003/2004 when you are turning seventeen years old and feel like your youth is turning into a memory? Plus it's not like i can go and frolic in the sunshine. sadly. watching a series filmed on the beaches of california doesn't exactly make me appreciate my surroundings. Besides my penchant for ben mckenzie tv shows however, i have been indulging in the newest round of magazines which i bought recently from the newsagent which just opened at the vale (HELLO NEW AFTER SCHOOL HANGOUT) including the most recent vogue (cameron diaz on the cover? really?) and oyster. I love oyster. About half way through there was an editorial which focused on capturing the 'all american dream', which a pale leggy model with fine brunette locks and a muted coral pout, which can i just say was AMAZING and i recommend everybody buying oyster if for no other reason than to see this editorial and the amazing shorts that they made with the American flag. It's inspirational. In a complete hollywood speech with a golden trophy and running mascara "ID LIKE TO THANK MY MOM FOR BEING SO SUPPORTIVE AND COURTNEY LOVE FOR BEING SO INSPIRATIONAL" kind of way. I mean, they probably wouldn't say courtney love on national tv or anything, i mean, she did dabble in the drug scene kind of publicly. but yeah no, she's still inspirational. To yours truly anyway. Am now off to apologize to courtney via playing live through this, and emotionally right myself again.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I STILL LOVE YOU MISCHA.and not just because you kissed ben mckenzie. although that helps.

Well alot has happened since the summer of 2006 when we last saw mischa barton's acting role on the OC go up in flames (literally) including the transformation of the sun kissed babe with the unfair amount of beauty landed in her lap, we know best as marissa cooper. However the times have changed and marissa cooper is no longer with us, instead we have the once-upon-a-time stylish wonder whom is now probably better known for her not-so-secret drug fetish and her love of fast food. Alas, the keyword in that sentence is ONCE, and that, my friends, is what i wish to focus on. and preferably bring back. Because back in the day, those early post-oc days, mischa had style. Plus a perfect frame to rock the clothes in. her multimillion bank account doesn't exactly drag her down either. Which is why her love for vintage and the scruffy-yet-still-ridiculously-sexy look has caused us to gather around our mischa barton look scrapbook and sigh with delight and that everpresent touch of envy. Or perhaps that's just me. the scrapbook part i mean anyway. From walking her dog in a vintage lace sundress and printed chanel blazer to her sex pistols tee with a knee length leather trench she rocked at coachella, i think it's time to unearth our basic-yet-oddly-eclectic pieces, and steal the forgotten style of a forgotten fashionable icon.