Saturday, August 21, 2010

i could really use a wish right now

have finally dragged myself away from watching the gossip girl season four promo video (it's only about a minute long, but i've watched it for a couple of hours eek) and am trying to get myself to think straight. Went out last night for my brothers birthday, had dinner with friends and ended up playing a game of darkone, which is like lazer tag in a pitch black warehouse. it's trippy really, as soon as my eyes adjust to the inky blackness, i'm just about given a heart attack from a random dousing of strobe lights. The darkzone thing was kind of a last minute decision so i was on heels for the 20 minutes or so that we were scrambling round in darkness, which, let me assure you is no easy feat.
have been keeping up with my pilates recently, i've found that combining toning excercises with fruit smoothies and late night jogs is a recipe for feeling fresher, happier and 5454074398943 times more productive than if i just chill at home reading vogue and watching the oc.
went to see the waiting city with a friend of mine who is a media uni student, so she knew the producer, anyway the film was intense. i'm not usually a fan of foreign films, especially ones in india or south east asia as i find them too confronting for just relaxing with a film, but i loved the waiting city. isabel lucas is possibly one of the most underrated actors and models to walk this earth. Her beauty isn't just breathtaking, it's actually ispiring. well at least it was in the film. She has such a natural, God given beauty that nobody could really ever compete with.
being rather pale and roughly half the towering beauty's height, i have since gone on a bronzing rampage, buying several summer indulgence bronzing products to try and bring back a tiny bit of confidence after seeing her stunning debut in the waiting city, alas, we are not all made with perfect bone structure, startling eyes and skin the colour of light mocha, yet luckily for isabel, she is one of the chosen ones. thankfully, she carries it off well.

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