Saturday, August 7, 2010

hit me. just once i want to feel something.

originally went out tonight for sushi and to see the much obcessed about inception, but as generally happens when i desire to do something, something interfered with our plan. The theatre for inception filled up roughly five people before we reached the ticket stand, so instead we had japanese in this quaint little shop where there was a sushi train snaking amid everyone who was seated comfortably around the conveyer belt. After sushi and iced tea we ended up going shopping for nibblies at the iga before coming back for chai lattes in a coffee club booth. after mocking the standard dress of every teenage girl strutting past in tattered leggings and their tacky supre leather jackets, we decided to be rebellious and daring as it was indeed saturday night, which is how we ended up coming back to my house to watch gossip girl and the oc. GOOD TIMES.
Am currently flipping through the most recent vogue and adding roughly 3957935 more pages to my wish list in the back of my steadily growing organiser. There are no words for how desperately i wish i could hold the above leather alexander wang shorts which rumi neely luckily snapped up i see. i am literally at a loss when it comes to describing how badly and desperately i want them for my very own. Sadly my desire is quickly turning into obcession and i think it's time for me to go to bed with it being 1 am and all. Hope your saturday night was ridiculously snazzy.

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