Sunday, September 12, 2010

you probably don't even know my middle name, but it's ok considering i don't even know your first one.

summer is approaching, my word, what isn't looming near right now? My exam finals begin in four days, my boyfriend is flying out to go on holidays with me next week, plus i am all but finished school for the rest of my life within a matter of weeks! with a summer filled with lazy beach dances and a lot of teenage rebellion to get out of my system before officially becoming jfhdoiafhid RESPONSIBLE, you know, GROWN UP, i plan to make the most of my fleeing youth. Coming from someone who's wardrobe consists of fur, fur and more fur, dressing for summer is defenitely difficult. However, i intend to splash out on 49075969058695896859 cotton dresses and make the focal point of my summer style my nails. This statement, of course, is ridiculous, as i spend roughly 75% of my days agonizing over clothing and styles, yet all this talk of summer has temporarily slid me into the summer mood, and i feel far too lazy to even consider anything but starfish and watermelon juice right now. Going to go dig out my summer playlist now, au revoir! xx

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